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Learning Pad - A Children Educational Electronic Reading Pad

The Learning Pad is an electronic pad designed to help school children learn basic and important concepts in alphabet, word, phonics, conversation, reading, languages, Math and music.

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Together with the Conversation books (1-12) and the World's Greatest Fairy Tales (books 13-20) listed below, the Learning Pad can help students develop better oral communication skills. Each book can be used as a standalone textbook in an oral communication course. Chapters in each book feature thematically organized dialog, song and whole class activities. These Learning Pad educational books can also be downloaded via the internet.


Learning Pad conversation book 1 Learning Pad conversation book 2 Learning Pad conversation book 3 Learning Pad conversation book 4
Learning Pad conversation book 5 Learning Pad conversation book 6 Learning Pad conversation book 7 Learning Pad conversation book 8
Learning Pad conversation book 9 Learning Pad conversation book 10 Learning Pad conversation book 11 Learning Pad conversation book 12
Learning Pad Fairy Tale book 1 Learning Pad Fairy Tale book 2 Learning Pad Fairy Tale book 3 Learning Pad Fairy Tale book 4
Learning Pad Fairy Tale book 5 Learning Pad Fairy Tale book 6 Learning Pad Fairy Tale book 7 Learning Pad Fairy Tale book 8

The Learning Pad works together with an electro-conductive pen. When the pen is pointed on the pages of each book, the Learning Pad reads back to the child the word or sentences being pointed at. It can also read stories in different languages. The child can also learn the spelling of highlighted words in the book. Nursery rhymes and songs are also featured in the book collection above.

The child can also use the Learning Pad (without any book on it) to learn the vowels, consonants and the English Alphabet. On the Learning Pad itself, there is also an English-Chinese Dictionary module thus allowing the child to learn pronunciation of words and at the same time to expand his vocabulary.

The Learning Pad runs on 3 AA-sized batteries so it is very portable and convenient. It also comes with an AC adaptor. There is also a SD memory card slot which allows the  playback of MP3 nursery rhymes and songs recorded on SD cards.



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